Saturday, January 24, 2009

A winter beach

Winter beaches and wind blown cypresses make an interesting subject for watercolor. This is a made up subject that we all worked on when we could not go out and paint after getting down to Sausalito. It was raining and overcast.
Next week I will be in Mexico and putting on the sunscreen. I love it down there. I have already heard from my friends that are headed down and we will all gather in neighboring houses on the beach at Troncones. I doubt that there will be much surfing with everyone hurting thinking about last year.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Painting on clayboard

Happy New Year. The weather got gloomy, damp and cold so I went to still life painting. Have not done this for so long, that I could get excited about it. This was done on aquaboard or the new clayboard for watercolor. It is different and I am not used to it. I like to paint with my paper almost vertical and that won't work with the board. Water practically runs off when painting wet. Laying it flat overcomes that issue. What I like about it is the brilliance of color. Now if I can keep that when I varnish, I will keep working at this.