Thursday, September 18, 2008

Main Street Harwichport, MA

This was a quick sketch while sitting indoors during the rain. I have painted the Kite Shop many times on location, so I know it quite well. The distortion is whimsy to an otherwise well known set of buildings here. Only the figures are standing upright.

I am in the countdown for days remaining on Cape Cod. The weather is getting cold. I am almost through my list of things to do before leaving. Not a bucketlist, but house closing.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Sailboat for saleboat

Here are two guys looking at a sailboat that is listed for $500. It looks like a deal. Everything is there including the sails and the boat is in great shape with no dings. Maybe it is the crumbling financial world that put such a bargain on a vacant lot. I love painting boats and especially when they are out of the water. There is a certain awe in seeing the depth and shape of the hull exposed. Sounds almost erotic! I painted this yesterday and I was totally lost for a couple of hours. It was an antidote to the realization that my pension is rapidly going down the tubes.