Monday, March 31, 2008

Ready for launch

Painted this picture thinking about summer and fun on the water. My son and I had sailing lessons on San Francisco Bay a few years ago. We needed some official document that testified to our abilities so we could charter wherever we went. It was great fun and excitement. Sailing on the Bay has to be one of my best experiences.
Tomorrow, I will be there to launch my Boston Red Sox as they open the 2008 season against the A's. It is schizophrenic for me since my other favorite is the A's. However, the Boston grip is much tighter having grown up with them and gone to Fenway as a youngster with my dad. Wonderful memories of hot dogs, peanuts and big crowds. It was good training because baseball is the perfect escape from the world's woes; it is the postponement of adulthood.

Friday, March 28, 2008

It's a sunny day in northern california, perfect for painting. Was out all morning and haven't finished. Accidentally, I took along some hot press watercolor paper which is not my favorite but did what I could with it. Last year while living in San Francisco, I only painted on hot press. Here are a couple of my paintings from the neighborhood.

It's very difficult to do graded washes on hot press. I think that it works best for line washes using pen and ink. It is amazing how the water media is so different with what you paint on.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Puerto Escondido; Punta Zicatela

My good friend, David, showed up for lunch in Troncones. I told him about my sore ribs and the need to cool it for awhile; we had some wonderful wines and he left inviting me to his place in Puerto Escondido. It is called Roco Rohas and is out at the tip of the Punta Zicatela. Truly a magnificent view. Red rocks with iguanas keeping watch. It is very private and the home is an architectual gem. Every view is framed and at night the lighting; done by an artist, exaggerates interesting shadows on walls and ceilings. Wow! I'll never forget Puerto Escondido and will return for the surf and some more painting. It is way down on the Pacific coast of Oaxaca. Not east to get to, unless willing to ride a coach or make a few plane connections.

Monday, March 24, 2008

An Artist Treat

Was in NYC last week; weather beautiful and took in alot of new art. Went to the Whitney Bicentenial and was very disappointed. Few exhibits and drab color. Very amateurish videos; one making fun of another culture which I believe were New Guineans. Very crass. Won't get my expectations up for this show next year. Chelsea galleries don't disappoint. Lots of stuff to enjoy here. In general, this is the fast lane and one gets their batteries recharged with every encounter. There are galleries, pubs (it was St Pats) and eateries. High end boutiques with shoes that start at $595. It's fun imagining who buys these things. There is awe at the price of home made jeans and shoes. You have to feel good in them.
Flew there on the new Virgin America service to Kennedy. Great idea not to have carts in the isles and video to chat, order drinks, food, watch movies or TV, or to play games. The time from one coast to the other was very short. Cheap prices too.

Sunday, March 23, 2008


This is an Inn at Manzanillo Bay which I painted from the beach in the hot sun. Totally slathered in sun bloc I managed it before taking a dip in the ocean and heading up for a cold Corona with lemon. Lots of rocks at this end of the bay but not in the center. Nevertheless, I managed to crack two ribs falling off my board and landing on top of it. It really hurt to laugh.

Saturday, March 22, 2008

A Brush With Color

I am a painter who loves painting on location; plein air painting. My medium is watercolor. The noise, activity and smells of the scene all add to the excitement. I try to paint daily although this means indoors on those cold nasty days. I spend a lot of winter in remote areas of Mexico where I can paint or ride the surf. Summers are at Cape Cod.